Let’s Work Starts Work in Bangladesh

The Let’s Work Bangladesh Team launched its
Bangladesh Work Program in March, 2016.


DEG Study:

The study evaluates how private
entrepreneurs can close the skills
gaps via targeted measures
implemented within the workforce,
suppliers, and local communities.



DBL Group:

High Labour and Safety Standards
in the Bangladeshi Garment Industry
Pay Off



Update on Let’s Work Tanzania

The Let’s Work Tanzania team has identified horticulture as the agribusiness
subsector to focus on for the value chain analysis as part of its work program.



DFIs should work together to measure job impacts

The creation of jobs and the promotion of economic transformation
are the main development challenges in low and middle income countries.



At the launch of the Jobs Study, twenty-eight leading international finance institutions immediately pledged to work together to address the issue of job creation, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Let’s Work!

Working with key partners, the Let’s Work global partnership will help develop knowledge and practical approaches to the jobs agenda that would serve as a public good for the development community.

Vision 2016

The Let’s Work partnership will prioritize, at the country and sector level, private sector focused activities with respect to jobs and will advance and refine methods for how to estimate job effects in this area.

Private Sector

Job related events are the most important reasons for escaping or falling into poverty, particularly in developing countries. Creating more and better private sector jobs is therefore an integral part of ending poverty.

Partnership Matters

Let’s Work is about being bold, taking risks and creating innovative partnerships.

This is a defining moment: To use our resources to end the suffering of over a billion people living in extreme poverty. By helping to create more and better jobs, we can reduce poverty and boost prosperity. This is not only good for development, but also makes business sense — “to do well by doing good.”

We would like to thank the Netherlands, Switzerland (SECO) and the United Kingdom (DFID) for their support of the Let’s Work global partnership

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